Clarkeleon Design Studio VS Fiverr

Clarkeleon Design Studio VS Fiverr

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Why should you hire a professional designer from Clarkeleon Design Studio vs Fiverr.?

As a designer i often hear people talk about Fiverr in comparison to professional designers services and prices. I wanted to educate start ups and small businesses to help them make the right decision when it comes to their own creative solutions.

What is Fivver?
Fiverr is a creative platform for designers and businesses offering generic designs at low to average prices.

What is Clarkeleon Design Studio (CDS)?
CDS is a creative company owned by Emily Clark that offers graphic design, web design and photography services to start-ups and small businesses in Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire area.

Here is a breakdown of what Fiverr and Clarkeleon Design Studio (CDS) has to offer. 

What Fiverr offers: 
-Generic designs
-Loads of artists
-Common designs
-Language barrier
-It might not be what you wanted

What CDS offers:
-Ive been a start up so i've been in your shoes
-I offer unique design solutions
-I offer a face2face consultation
-I provide monthly checkins
-I am an award winning designer & can prove it
-I have insight 
-I am local
-CDS is a registered business

Lets break these down further

Fiver is a great place for freelance creatives to start producing a portfolio and make some extra income but lets get real here, my biggest problem with Fiverr is that loads of creatives use the platform making it impossible for other creatives outside of fiver to be taken seriously. Fiverr also only pays one designer out of hundreds if not thousands of bids to a request.

In my opinion with so much choice offered on Fiverr, you end up with generic and common design often used many times for multiple businesses. There is nothing original about that. Also many creatives on Fiverr may not speak your language so there is a good chance there will be a language barrier. This could mean your designs are misunderstood by your audience.

I personally wouldn't advice any business to use Fiverr for the reason that I would want someone educated and knowledgable in that field. Someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to how your business is perceived by others through creative solutions.

For more information on the importance of logo design for every business check out our blog here.

Pricing & Level of service
Pricing on Fiverr is set by the creative or set by the client. Some prices can be extremely low and some can be high depending on who set it and whats offered. As with all thing in life, we like to think we get what we pay for: its the same for Fiverr.

If you have a low budget (e.g. less than £100) or are just testing the waters, Fiver is a great place to help build an idea for low risk.

However if you understand the level of service offered and how the price reflects this then you should consider using a professional creative and paying the difference.

I like to think: If you want to be taken seriously then you need to start investing in the things that matter to your business. - The importance of logo design for every business check out our blog here.

CDS offers graphic design, web design and photography services to start-ups and small businesses in Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire. Providing fast turn-arounds, a hassle-free service from an award winning designer.

From humble beginnings, CDS understands the value of branding to small start-ups and the financial responsibilities that creating a business brings. Thanks to there successes, they are now offering a bespoke service to start ups and entrepreneurs in the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire areas.

To learn more and book your free consultation, get in touch here. I look forward to personally working with you.


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