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The start-up struggle

The start-up struggle

Written by Emily Clark @ Clarkeleon Design Studio, offering graphic design and photography services to everyone.
The struggle is real when starting up a business it can even put people of even trying all together. Since I took the leap and became my own boss these are the common struggles I have encountered myself.

The negatives!
Lets jump straight in. The big elephant in the room is finance. When your living on a budget and eating pasta for weeks on end just to pay your bills and survive, you know the struggle is real. Similar to being a student except you don’t have the bank of mum and dad to help when your setting up a business.
Some finance is available to start ups like grants and vouchers and I would encourage you to look around. Alternatively if you have good credit you can approach banks for an investment but often this is a stench for start-ups when you having nothing to sacrifice if it all goes wrong. Additionally get a part time job.
Support is a huge …


Many people have many ideas about what networking is and what it can mean for them and their business if they have one. Some people often hear when asked what are here thoughts on networking is this “I tried it once it didn’t work”. This is common to here and yet so far from the real truth.
I mean, networking is what you make it right? We all network without even self-consciously thinking about it, that new person you met yesterday randomly perhaps – that’s networking. That friend of a friend who added you on LinkedIn – Networking. That conversation you had with a girl on the tube- networking. You get the idea.
My understanding is this, networking is not specifically something you do but its’ something we all do all the time. From as basic as a simple conversation to your high-end corporate business events- it’s all networking.
When people say they tried networking and it didn’t work it could mean many things,
1.They don’t know how to sell themselves - after-all business …